Meet Attorney Chip Howard

I am attorney Chip Howard. I was raised in Moonville, a suburb of Greenville, and have spent my legal career serving the needs of upstate South Carolina. I began practicing law more than ten years ago. After six years of practice, I decided that the best way I could serve people was to open my own firm. My mission is to provide my friends and neighbors with the highly effective legal help they need in a welcoming and respectful manner. I have spent my life in this area, and I intend to stay here and continue to help my community.

I focus my practice on areas of law that people most commonly need help with: divorce and other family law matters, personal injury and workers' compensation, among other areas. All of these types of legal issues have in common the damage they can do to a person's life if they are not handled properly. These are areas of law that can derail a person's plans for the future.

People often feel powerless when they are facing one of these issues. I work to educate my clients. I help them understand their options and how their decisions can impact their future. I give my clients respect. Having an involved, informed client helps me deliver the effective legal help that I feel people truly deserve.

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Effective Lawyer Serving Greenville, South Carolina, And The Surrounding Areas

When you are facing the challenges of a family law matter or being injured in an accident or on the job, I can help. Call 864-832-2015 or contact my office online to schedule a free initial consultation.