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Changing Your Family Court Order

After the difficulty of resolving all of the issues that are part of a divorce, people usually hope to never have to revisit those issues again. But, time goes on and circumstances change. The arrangements that were agreed upon may no longer work with the conditions you or your children are currently experiencing. It may be time to pursue a modification to bring arrangements up to date regarding issues such as:

I can also help you pursue or oppose a petition to relocate with your child.

I can help you petition the court for a modification of the current agreements that are in place as well as helping you fight against proposed modifications. I understand what evidence to present to the court to present a modification case appropriately.

What Evidence Will The Court Look For?

The court will be looking for evidence of a substantial change in circumstances. This can mean many different things. For example, the child’s other parent may have secured a much better paying job and you are looking to update child support levels to reflect that increased income. Another example might be evidence that a parent has developed a drug or alcohol problem that makes him or her unsuitable to have unsupervised time with the child.

Giving My Clients The Respect They Deserve

I am attorney Chip Howard, founding attorney of Howard Law Firm, P.A. Times change, and you deserve arrangements that reflect the reality of where your life is now. I can help you secure those changes to the family court orders with which you are living. I also offer my assistance to those who are opposed to proposed modifications. I have more than a decade of experience and a commitment to truly helping my clients. No matter what situation you are coming from, I want to help you.

Post-Divorce Modification Lawyer Serving Greenville, South Carolina, And The Surrounding Areas

When you need a modification to a family court order or you need someone to help you fight against one, I can help. Call 864-832-2015 or contact my office online to schedule a free initial consultation.